Crypto Girl Profit Camp

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NFTs created to learn Mediacube girls about blockchain

We have created a special gift NFT collection that allows you to take your first steps in learning about blockchains, DeFi, NFT trading, and more.

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Guaranteed Buyback

We guarantee to buy out all NFTs at the base price through the Rarible marketplace.

Passive yuild

We have figured out where to invest the collateral for NFTs, so their value will increase.

Multi-asset collateral

To reduce risks, we do not store the collateral in a single cryptocurrency.

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Collateral value


Full cost of assets to buyback

Issued assets

78 NFT

Assets stored by private holders

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The basic price of each NFT

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What is the price range for selling my NFT?

We commit to buying back all NFTs in the collection listed on Rarible whose price is 10% below the nominal value. However, other market participants may purchase them at a higher price.

How many NFTs have been issued in total, and will they be available for sale?

There are a total of 220 regular NFTs in the first edition. At the time of the presentation, the first sale will include 10 random pieces. After the distribution of the NFTs, any extras will also be put up for sale, but no more than 10 pieces will be available for sale at a time.

What will be the cost of the new NFTs?

The mediacube team account will list new NFTs for sale at the nominal price +20%.

How is the nominal value of NFT determined?

It's very simple! The collateral amount divided by the number of objects held by the holders.